Our Team

The Minds Behind The Solutions


Julian Govender has served as a director of TDC Legal since 2016. Prior to his current role as Managing Director of TDC Legal, Julian headed up Operations for one of the leading legal and tax publishing houses in South Africa and has served the company in warehousing and distribution with distinction for 15 years. Julian’s aptitude and facility towards innovation progressed him up the ranks on a regular basis. Over the length of his career he has led cross-functional teams including sales, marketing, development, operations and service delivery. His role as Head of Operations has encompassed the Legal Library Service.



Melanie Govender has served as a director of TDC Legal since 2017. Her current role as Sales Director of TDC Legal is encompassed by her strong background in sales and organisation structures within the tech industry. Melanie’s attentiveness and compassion towards clients have placed her at the forefront of sales, communications and organizational planning within the company. She leads the sales and installations team, ensuring clients’ needs are met efficiently and on time, providing a seamless service to law firms, magistrate courts and the high courts.



Evan Ludick has served TDC Legal in a leadership position starting in the Western Cape and now the rest of the country. Evan’s experience in Legal Libraries spans over 35 years where he worked at Burman Legal Reference Service and then LexisNexis. Evan’s experience as an annotator, supervisor and now project leader has made him a strong link in the company bridging the gap between management and our customers. Evan’s ability to produce a high volume of work while consistently maintaining high standards for quality and accuracy ensures the Western Cape and Northern Cape offices serve law firms, magistrate courts and high courts successfully.



Anet Froneman serves TDC Legal as a Senior Librarian. Anet’s experience in legal publishing spans over 15 years where she previously worked as the Senior Editor on journals, loose-leaf and textbooks. Anet’s upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable her to interact effectively with clients and staff. Reporting into Evan Ludick, Anet’s amiable nature and passion for her job has made her the TDC Legal face in the Gauteng, Limpopo and Bloemfontein region.